What do you do after your house was broken into?

burglary singapore home insurance - What do you do after your house was broken into?

No one dreams of having their home broken into, but what do you do after it has? Safewise has a fantastic article giving advice on what to do with your life post robbery.

After a break in, you may feel lost and vulnerable, as anyone would probably feel. Even if you have a secured monitoring system, robberies can happen and leave you feeling frightened. The article touches base on several key tasks that should occur after a robbery.

  • Call the police and file a report
  • Call your insurance company
  • View video footage of the break-in (if available)
  • Clean up all signs of the break-in
  • Come to terms with the break-in emotionally
  • Take measures to better safeguard your home

Once you discover your home has been broken into, you truly should contact the police and avoid touching or moving anything. You could end up harming potential evidence! Afterwards, the article talks about creating a list of items that have been stolen including their description and approximate value. This will be a key factor for your insurance company! If you saw anyone at your home during the burglary, do your best to give a detailed description including the direction they were heading.

After reporting the loss to your insurance carrier and all documentation has been submitted, the physical clean up part may begin. A temporary fix to your window or door may be necessary until a contractor can come repair any damages. The more difficult task at hand may be dealing with yourself emotionally after a break-in. Trying to keep a positive attitude is best for recouping from such a tragedy. Time will heal you!

Now what about preventing future break-ins? According to Safewise, 34% of break-ins occur through the front door and 22% through the back door. You may want to upgrade your doors and your window locks. Even purchasing motion sensor lights or lights set up on a timer for night time intruders can help. Some people may even install dummy security cameras to deter unwanted visitors. The ultimate protection may  be to purchase an alarm monitoring system that can alert proper authorities in case of an incident.