U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Survey by MetLife Insurance

teresa conference room - U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Survey by MetLife InsuranceFor the past 14 years MetLife has been producing the U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Survey, and it has become a benchmark for many businesses, brokers, and consultants to use when comparing their programs to the national averages.

We at Meyers Glaros Group use the trends survey regularly and our clients find it very helpful when making decisions.

A part that we found most interesting in the article was that employees want to have a personal touch when they are choosing benefits, which can be especially prominent for millennial age employees.  Our agency has always strived to provide a hands on approach with enrollments and benefit explanations. You must engage your client and connect when making critical decisions.  We understand that technology plays a very important role in the business world when it comes to communication, and we will continuously adapt to help our client partners use technology to their benefits, however we will not be moving away from that personal one-on-one touch!  We believe that employee benefits is best served locally and personally, not from afar.

Download and enjoy the report below. We look forward to talking with you about it!

14th Annual MetLife Study of Employee Benefits Trends