Business Insurance


  • Familiarize our team with you and your business. Our first meeting with you and your team is an information gathering session. In fact, we begin learning about your business even before that initial meeting by researching what makes you tick. We review your website, assessor sites, secretary of state sites and other business-related sources of information to determine what makes up your business and make you successful.
  • Determine your needs, goals and appetite for risk. After getting to know you and your business, we meet with your team to get a sense of who you are and how you operate. With all of that information in hand, we determine your needs in order to develop a program for your business that best fits your goals and appetite for financial risk, as well as protects your company assets.
  • Understand your contractual obligations.Once we’ve determined your needs and goals, we work with you to understand your contractual obligations and to assess you needs to control costs and operate more efficiently and profitably. Our desire is to be your long-term partner, helping you to grow and protecting your company assets along the way.


  • Review best balance of coverage and cost for your business. With our analysis complete, we begin the process of consulting – first with our insurance company partners to determine the best balance of coverage and cost for your business. As an Independent Insurance Agency, we represent multiple companies with access to hundreds of carriers, which translates to more choices for your company. This allows us to better search the market for the best prices and products to fit your company’s unique needs.
  • Review gaps in your coverage. During the consulting phase, we also identify any gaps in your coverage, uncover business needs that are not being met, and explore ways to minimize your risk.
  • Review your options for coverage now and in the future. Once information has been reviewed and gaps in your coverage have been identified, we use the information and solutions we develop in the consulting phase to help you make informed, educated decisions about what is best for your business moving forward.


  • Implement a tailored program for your business needs. Now it’s time to get moving. Once we have developed a program tailored to your business needs, we begin the process of developing policies and procedures to manage day-to-day business. It is our goal to be an extension of your business and a resource for you to use as you need, which for some of our clients is daily.
  • Introduce your team to our designated service providers. We have determined that it is important for our teams to work together as one. With this in mind, we introduce our team to yours to coordinate insurance related tasks and duties. We review specifications in contracts and lease agreements, as well as ensure all insurance provisions are being addressed. Quite often, there are costs associated with some requirements and our knowledge of the financial impact helps us protect your company’s bottom line.
  • Coordinate future meeting needs and reviews. In addition to our daily communications and milestone meetings throughout the year to ensure everything is operating efficiently, we meet with your team annually to review your coverage and make necessary changes. It is our job to protect your assets and we take that job seriously.