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Build Faster with Construction Tips from the Pros

17 01 C Build Faster with Construction Tips from the Pros - Build Faster with Construction Tips from the Pros

Builders spend a lifetime perfecting their craft. Fortunately, some are willing to share some of their best tips and tricks. Here’s a quick rundown of several inside tips from the pros.

Laying the Groundwork

Installing flooring can be challenging depending on the materials and surface. Taking time to ensure a level floor will improve the finished product. Installing an effective subfloor can help with creating a level surface, yet the glue can be messy and difficult to work with. To install subflooring without the mess, gently lower subfloor with a garden digging tool. Applying pressure to the leading edge, install subfloor without the mess.

The Frame Game

Most homes have imperfections and the older they get, the greater those imperfections become. Homes settle and before long, floors and walls begin to curve, slope, or separate. Before making cuts or installations, learn the acceptable tolerances. Some aspects of construction must be perfectly level or straight. Knowing where to make adjustments will make the process much easier, and help create a better result.

Frames must be straight, so it’s important to start with a level foundation. Mudsills allow for some flexibility while rim joists must be cut within 1/10th an inch accuracy. Walls can bow a bit, as long as kept within an acceptable limit. Walls can bow up to 1/4″ vertically for each 8′ section, and 1/4″ horizontally for each 50′ section without compromising structural integrity.

The frames in a home support plumbing, electrical, HVAC installation and more. An accurately-installed framework will help make following projects easier to complete.

Selecting Good Wood

Lumber varies by retailer, batch, and tree. Selecting the lumber for framing, look for straight and durable boards. Curved, bowed, or rotted boards will create a weak or imbalanced foundation from the start. Cabinets, doors, and walls require straight walls to function properly. Selecting the right wood, at the beginning, will help the entire construction project.

With any construction project, selecting the right materials and tools helps. Before tackling a construction project, ensure home insurance is in place to cover potential damages to the new or existing space. Always place safety at the top and ask a professional before working with dangerous materials.

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