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Improve Construction Workforce Management to Reduce Risk


Improving Your Construction Workers’Safety Attitude - Improve Construction Workforce Management to Reduce Risk

In construction, efficiency matters. Companies that want the most from a project have to balance resources and deadlines to be effective. On the flip side, companies that struggle may create unsafe environments. Increased pressure on workers can lead to an increase in job site risks and an increase in insurance premiums. Improve productivity and reduce insurance rates by employing effective construction site management. Finding the right people and granting them the tools for success will help reduce risk, leading to savings across the board. Here are four ways to help construction managers perform at their peak:

Standardize Company Processes

Today, companies across the board are standardizing their processes. For companies experiencing growth, processes are often essential. A process defines a system for accomplishing specific tasks. By creating and utilizing intelligent and effective processes, risks are greatly reduced. With a reduction in risk inevitably comes a reduction in workplace accidents, reducing insurance costs. The right process is one built around the company; a business coach or consultant may be able to offer guidance. Record processes and train staff to follow them.

Utilize Technology

Construction of a building is but one small portion of an overall construction project. A large number of administrative resources are involved in building. Planning, compliance, resource management, billing and more all play significant roles. As companies grow, the number of persons involved in each project tends to grow as well. Moving staff onto shared digital platforms, utilizing file sharing services, and group messaging technology can all help managers become more efficient.

Plan Efficiently

On a construction site, time is money. When employees are standing around, their time can become expensive. Proper planning can help get the most out of staff and dodge paying for extended breaks or milling about. The more moving parts involved, the more challenging this can become. To help improve efficiency and reduce risk, ask employees to be conscious of workday planning. In some cases, a consultant may be helpful in creating and streamlining schedules.

Encourage Communication

A staff that communicates well is likely to be safer and more efficient. In the construction and building trades, risks abound. Effective communication can help reduce risks and at the same time, greatly improve efficiency. The right blend of communications strategies will depend on the size and makeup of an organization. For most companies, the following tips can help improve the workplace:

  • Collaboration. Encourage staff to share thoughts. Oftentimes, there are great solutions right within the company. Create a positive environment for communication.
  • Clarity. Be clear about goals, objectives, timelines and more. Employees should be familiar with processes and know where to ask for help.
  • Conversation. Staff members may be the first to spot a workplace hazard, or perhaps a more efficient process. Encourage feedback to management.

With an increase in workplace safety often comes increases in productivity and morale as well. Limit risks to reduce insurance premiums and get the most out of each construction project. Construction companies with strong management and a strong workforce are more likely to:

  • Meet or exceed expectations
  • Reduce risks to property, staff, and equipment
  • Balance scheduling
  • Gain a positive reputation in the industry

An investment in creating clear and effective processes can pay dividends. For questions about insurance for builders and protecting construction sites, contact an agent today. Visit often for more information on improving safety and saving money.

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