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Helping Employees Maximize Benefits

09 13 EB Helping Employees Maximize Benefits - Helping Employees Maximize Benefits

Employees spend a lot of time at the workplace. As an employer, you want them to feel right about their time there. Happiness in the workplace pays dividends. Knowing the current staff wants, needs and concerns can help improve workplace morale and productivity. Each workplace is different. Asking employees key-questions can help gauge employee attitude. To improve the workplace ask employees these five questions:

1. Are they happy?

On a scale of 1-10, how happy is the employee to be with the company? This question can help sound employee attitudes and opinions about the workplace. How employees feel about their environment will impact employee retention and company output. Improve attitudes and improve the bottom line.

2. Is there room for advancement?

Employees who feel as if they cannot grow with a company are more likely to leave. Employee retention is valuable, saving time and money training new staff. Employees with something to work toward are more apt to remain with the company.

3. Are employees feeling acknowledged?

Everyone likes to know they are doing a good job. Recognition and appreciation from peers and management will boost morale and efficiency. Recognizing employee accomplishments will build loyalty and rapport, helping further improve the workplace.

4. If they could change one thing at the company…

As with any question, prepare to receive the answers. Beware: employees may take this opportunity to speak candidly. Poor supervision, unpleasant environment, lacking benefits and other concerns may come to light. It is important to remember employees are merely answering the question. View comments as constructive criticism; a means to improve job satisfaction and productivity.

5. Given 3 words, how would they describe the company?

Limiting employees to 3 words means they must choose their words carefully. This uncovers what employee find most important. With such a small limit on the number of words, employees must be direct in their answer.

Asking these questions will help generate genuine responses. Creating a culture of communication takes time but employers must take the lead. Good communication in the workplace translates to a better work environment, and better business.

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