Steal These Wellness Program Ideas

Steal These Wellness Program Ideas2 300x249 - Steal These Wellness Program IdeasWorkplace wellness programs are about more than lowering your employees’ blood pressure and helping them reduce stress. In addition to those (and other) health-improving benefits, an effective wellness program can minimize insurance costs, reduce sick days and time away from work, and even increase morale and productivity. Of course, the key word here is “effective.” Whether you have a program in place or are just beginning to construct one, you may want to steal these ideas other company’s swear by.

Fitbit Challenge

Everyone can benefit from moving. Encourage your employees to walk, jog or run more each day by organizing a Fitbit challenge. Provide participants with tracking devices (you may be able to negotiate a discounted price if you purchase in bulk from a retailer) and set a variety of goals to accommodate workers at different fitness levels. Attach a reward to the achievement of each goal; you can award anything from medals or plaques to gift cards and extra time off.

“Biggest Loser” Contest

Organize a competition in which employees work to achieve the biggest (healthy) weight loss within a specified time. To protect participants who may be sensitive about their weight, you can measure in percentage of body weight lost rather than advertising actual pounds. Reward the “biggest loser” with a coveted prize. Or, if your budget is tight, have employees “buy in” to the contest with a small cash donation. At the end, the winner gets the collected funds.

Zero-Gain Challenge

Encourage your employees to avoid gaining weight over the holidays—something no one wants to do but everyone has difficulty averting—with a zero-gain challenge. Participants will weigh themselves on November 1 and again on January 31. Award a prize to every worker who maintains his or her weight throughout contest period.

Race Entry Reimbursement

Support your team’s fitness goals by reimbursing them for entry fees into area 5K and 10K races. These events will give them a challenge to train towards, furthering your wellness program efforts. Encourage your employees to race together, and you can realize team-building benefits as well.

Track and Field Days

Plan periodic track and field days on Friday afternoons during the summer months. Set up challenges—like one-mile time trials, push-up and squat contests—where employees can compete alone as well as team challenges—like tug-of-war and relay races—where they can compete against other departments. You’ll build camaraderie and encourage fitness at the same time.

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