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Our Process

Happy employees, happier you

No matter the size of your company, employee benefits can get complex. So many providers, so many plans, and a million different considerations for each member of your team. But that's all ok, because with Meyers Glaros, you've got a top-notch guide helping you make all the right decisions.

our process

Group Coverages

group coverage

Give your benefits a boost.

According to Harvard Business Review, 80% of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise. Well-balanced benefits are key for attracting (and keeping) top level talent. Think it's time for a fresh look at your benefits package?

Group Medical

You need group medical plans that balance your employees’ needs with your corporate goals. That’s why our dedicated group medical team will happily provide a complimentary, professional review and offer appropriate recommendations for small and large group plans.

Group Dental

Comprehensive dental coverage is an important part of employee benefits packages. Our dental insurance plans focus on prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment, so your employees can take a bite out of life with confidence and know that they are covered no matter what.

Group Disability

Don’t let fear of the unexpected get in the way of your company’s success. Whether you’re looking for short-term disability coverage, long-term disability coverage, or both, our team is trained and knowledgeable about the specifics involved and can walk you through what your company needs now and as it grows.

Group Life Insurance

In most cases, the cost of individual life insurance is far greater than what you would pay for group life insurance—this means that your employees rely on you to provide them with the best coverage option. Our specially trained staff will help you set up policies tailored to your company’s dynamic staffing structure.

Worksite Marketing

Worksite marketing coverage, also known as voluntary coverage, is any type of additional benefit that is added to your company’s menu of benefit options. And who doesn’t love more menu options? Meyers Glaros can help you navigate these choices.

Group Vision Benefits

A good group vision care plan can help protect not only the vision but also the overall health of your workforce. Because of the variety of vision plans out there, you can rely on us to help you choose the best policy to meet your company’s needs and budget.


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