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5 Surprises About Retirement

S December 5 Surprises About Retirement - 5 Surprises About Retirement

Retirement is supposed to be a life of leisure, or at least so the commercials say. While retirement signals the transition from the workforce there are still challenges to overcome each day. Despite years of planning and research, there are some things about retirement that may surprise you. Straight from the source, here are 5 surprises about retirement:

1. You can have too much spare time.

It’s safe to assume most people prefer time off. While some may be able to golf each day, most will find too much downtime to be redundant. After years in the workforce, retirement can feel lacking in structure and routine. Before long, they may experience a longing for simple water-cooler conversation again. For those with too much time on their hands, part-time employment or a volunteer position may be the answer. Retirement is simply the transition into a new phase of life; find ways to stay active and engaged.

2. You can spend too much time together.

After retirement, there is a lot of extra time for spending with your spouse. Too much of anything can be grating, including the people we love. If spending too much time together is leading to tension be proactive and ask for some space. Previously, personal meditative time may have been the morning commute or lunch break. Being home all the time is a big change. Find ways to decompress. This can be a walk or hobby, or as with the first surprise a job or volunteer position.

3. You may need to move.

Retirement is a big lifestyle change. This means the home that made sense for the hustle and bustle of before may become too much. For some, this could be keeping a large lawn. For others, the home may feel too large. Moving to a smaller home, apartment, or retirement community can ease the burden of home and lawn care, and replace lost social interactions.

4. You may face financial challenges.

With all their careful planning it’s surprising many retirees grapple with financial challenges. Retirement may last years, and that’s a good thing! Saving enough to last can be challenging and many find themselves pinching pennies, afraid to run out. A budget, alternative savings vehicles, and active frugality can help stretch dollars. Keep medical and life insurance current for a layer of protection.

5. You may pay increased rates for healthcare.

Planning for retirement should take into account rising healthcare costs, inflation, and more. Many retirees find as time goes on they pay in increased percentage of savings on healthcare expenses. According to a survey of retired couples by, retirees need to think bigger. Half those surveyed anticipated only 10% of actual health care costs. Healthcare through retirement can range into the hundreds of thousands; plan for adequate protection.

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