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7 Tips for Saving on Healthcare

S December 7 Tips for Saving on Healthcare - 7 Tips for Saving on Healthcare

Savings are always welcome, especially for seniors living on a retirement income. For annual healthcare spending, small savings can add up. Get the most from the golden years while maintaining a quality lifestyle. Reduce annual spending with these 7 tips for saving on healthcare:

1. Take advantage of cash discounts

According to the AARP, many medical practices offer discounts of 10% or more for customers paying with cash. Ask about discounted medical tests and exams.

2. Limit Emergency Room Visits to Emergencies

Ambulance transport and emergency room care can become expensive utilized frivolously. For minor injuries and other non-emergencies, urgent care facilities offer an affordable alternative. Additionally, wait times and the length of visits may be shorter than for hospitals.

3. Call a Nurse

Today a number of telephone resources are available for speaking directly to a registered nurse. This can help reduce visits to the doctor, saving time and money. The nurses offer guidance for home care, making an appointment with a physician, or seeking immediate treatment.

4. Choose the Generic Medication

From cough medicine to prescription drugs, the generic label is always more affordable than the name-brand. Ask about generic alternatives to prescription and over-the-counter medications. Other discounts may be available by filling prescriptions at large retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart. Generic medication programs are available at some retailers helping save more on medication.

5. Get a Discount Card

Options for prescription drug savings cards are available. Some offer discounts of 80% or more on prescription medication, helpings people save thousands annually. Ask a pharmacist for more information

6. Compare Prices

Pharmacies may charge different rates for medications. Prior to filling prescriptions, contact local pharmacies to compare rates. Save the drive by asking your regular pharmacist to match or beat competitor pricing.

7. Utilize Your Network

Health insurance carriers work with local medical agencies to offer discounted rates for treatment. Receive treatment from a medical professional outside the network and pay up to 20% more, according to the AARP. Medical offices performing elective treatments often defer to the out-of-network rate. Ask about costs and network coverage before agreeing to a medical procedure or receiving treatment. Ask your health insurance carrier to recommend options for treatment within the network.

Saving and planning for successful retirement are active endeavors. Save more by making smart decisions about medical treatment and prescription drug service. Health coverage can vary, contact an agent to update your policy today and start saving.

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