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Easy Workout Tips for The Young at Heart

1703 S 1 Easy Workout Tips Young at Heart - Easy Workout Tips for The Young at Heart

Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” spends about 2 hours a day, six days a week just at the gym. That doesn’t include other physical activities! But it’s not easy for most folks to get to the gym on a daily basis, let alone spending 60 to 90 minutes once you get there.

While it may be a great goal to invest time in tougher workouts, folks who have been largely inactive will likely need to take smaller steps to help build habits that will last. This is especially true as you age.

Still you can find some clever ways to get active. Here are some fun ideas:

Stretch while watching TV.

The key is to work on perfecting your form and holding your poses for about 10 seconds.

Perform sit-ups while watching TV.

A simple sit-up can help you strengthen your core as well as tone and trim.

Do counter-top pushups while waiting for something in the microwave.

It could be you are re-heating some pasta or popping a bag of popcorn. No matter! Use the time to perform simple countertop push-ups to help tone your arms, shoulders, and chest.

Do mini-squats instead…

If you are tired of pushups, switch to mini-squats while you are waiting for the microwave to finish. Or perhaps while your coffee is brewing.

The goal is to be as creative as possible both with your time as well as your space.

Having great form and being careful is what’s important. And be sure you’ve talked with your doctor about ANY exercise program before starting one.

So while you may never look like Hercules, taking simple steps can help you feel stronger, leaner, and ready to take on whatever that day might bring to you.

For videos on how to perform these and other exercises, visit AARP .

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