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How to Keep Yourself Safe From Fraud

05 06 S How to Keep Yourself Safe From Fraud - How to Keep Yourself Safe From Fraud

Your house is your castle and it is the number one target for fraudsters. Your house is one of the most important asset you own since it is your biggest investment. So it is an attractive target for a con artists. Why? Because these fraudsters know that when it comes to your house, you are willing to take additional care and invest more money to maintain and protect its worth.

If you are a retired person, fraudsters will consider you as a very easy target since you are more likely to respond to “pitches” in person, via the phone, or mail.

There are various schemes. Below, you’ll find examples of some more notorious house scams that have been turning up nationwide. We’ll also discuss how can you protect yourself from being a victim of these scams.

Power Plays

* Did you ever come across any person demanding money for unpaid bill? They try to scare you by saying that if you do not clear your unpaid bills, your utilities will be turned off. Always remember that these kinds of notifications, if true, usually comes through mail. And be mindful that NO authority sends their representatives to collect money in-person without giving any notice about it through mail or phone call.

* There are many instances where fake specialists go inside a home unannounced, saying there is an emergency and that your house needs to be checked. These are generally burglars with fake identity cards and leased uniforms.

* The most recent rip-off: Fake representatives from cable firms promising to give discounts if you pay a few months of your bill in advance with pre-paid debit cards.

Burglar Blockage

A home security and safety system is effective in combating some crime. However, home security systems can attract other fraudsters too.

* Some fraudsters pose as certified technicians from the security and safety firms. They say they are here to fix the security system of your house. Then they get inside your house and deactivate your theft security system, so that later they can rob your house when you are sleeping or not in home.

* Other people claiming to be from the security company try to sell you much more expensive services. You must remember that any reputable company do not work in this way.

Contract Disadvantage

Be careful if a person tells you that he is a contractor who happens to be working in your neighborhood and wanted to know if you too need home repair service. Most of the time, these people are fraudsters. They will take some money from you for buying materials in advance. Needless to say that they will vanish after taking your money. There are others who insist on doing some unneeded extra repair work and then leave after doing a shoddy job. One of the favourite scams is resealing your driveway by spreading used motor oil on it. Always be sure to work with licensed contractors and actually verify the license with your state’s licensing authority before agreeing to work.

Fraud at Your Front Door

Whether it is a appeal for a charity, specialty home items, limited time offers, vacations, or overpriced magazine subscriptions, be on your guard. The best way to protect yourself: Don’t give your bank card to the person at the front door.

How can we help?

As a senior citizen you are a target for some of the worst schemes. We’re on your side and are here to help you navigate financial complexities. If you have any questions about protecting yourself from financial risk, please be sure to reach out to us.

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