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Low Energy in The Afternoon Do This

09 14 S Low Energy in The Afternoon Do This - Low Energy in The Afternoon Do This

Feeling sluggish in the afternoons? It’s a common issue. While mornings are usually high energy, the mid-afternoon slump sets in around 3 pm. Caffeine and sugar may be tempting for a quick boost but the reward is short-lived. The energy boost from coffee, sweets, or energy drinks comes at the cost of healthy sleep patterns. Stay healthy and sleep well. Here are 5 ways to improve daily energy levels:

1: Take a (Short) Nap

Sleepy? Take a short nap! For people with the option, a nap can help improve energy levels and even cognitive function. According to the National Sleep Association, even short naps can boost energy levels. They claim naps of twenty-thirty minutes increase performance while leaving nighttime rest unaffected. The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published findings that older adults may want to consider sixty minutes of rest. According to the study, adults who napped, but did not over-nap, scored higher for cognitive function than adults who did not nap or napped too long.

Medical Information Today came to similar conclusions during a study on sleep and senior health. Their study drew parallels between rest and mental performance. Researchers compared elderly adults who napped and those who either didn’t at all or napped excessively. The elderly adults who did not nap or took longer naps were more likely to have lower cognitive ratings. The group who took naps for thirty to ninety minutes after lunch scored higher.

2: Take a Walk

Spending ten minutes walking or climbing stairs can boost your energy, even more than a cup of coffee! The University of Georgia studied sleep-deprived adults. Those who completed ten minutes of simple exercise daily score higher than those turning to caffeine. 10 minutes of walking is much healthier than a can of soda!

3: Eat Dark Chocolate

Feeling good can be tasty! A study by Northern Arizona University found that eating dark chocolate can improve memory. The study demonstrated improved brain scans after consuming chocolate consisting of 60% cacao or more. Improve basic cognitive wellness with a delicious dark chocolate snack.

4: Eat Nuts and Seeds

Success through trail mix. Nutrition-dense nuts and seeds help prevent the variations in blood sugar affecting energy. Nuts and seeds are great sources of protein and may contain healthy omega-3 fats aiding brain function. Combine nuts and dark chocolate for an energizing (and delicious!) snack.

5: Get Outdoors

Not enough time in the day for a walk? Spending a moment outside and enjoying the air can boost energy levels. If the outdoors are out of reach, white noise apps and other options exist for listening to nature sounds. An interesting note: Individuals tend to prefer water sounds 6x more than white noise.

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