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Part-Time Jobs for Active Retirees

Ways to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Savings - Part-Time Jobs for Active Retirees

More people are working during retirement. For an increasing number of retirees, working a part-time job post-retirement is becoming the norm. A Merrill-Lynch survey found over 70% of those planning to retire were planning to find a job afterward. For those already retired, almost half reported holding a part-time job while retired. For many, it’s simply a matter of keeping busy. Others may go back to work for social interaction, or to regain a sense of purpose. For almost a third of those surveyed, part-time work after retirement offers additional income. For most retirees, the best part-time jobs draw from their previous careers. Regardless of the motivation, today there are a number of part-time jobs available for retirees.


Those with a financial background can earn working from home as an accountant or bookkeeper. Many small business owners utilize bookkeeping services. Become a tax preparation agent and offer more services. Bookkeepers and accountants can typically create their own schedules and often, their own wages.

A working knowledge of financial software and Microsoft Excel is helpful for those interested in this position. An interest in numbers and a keen eye for detail are beneficial traits. In some cases, formal education in finance may be required.

Customer Service

Companies are always looking for great customer service help. Depending on the position, customer service positions can be on-site or remote, working from home. Retirees telecommuting from home can typically expect to answer phone calls and emails, while retirees working on-premise may speak to customers directly.

Patience is a plus for those interested in customer service. Telecommuters may benefit from previous computer experience.


Today a number of options are available for driving part-time. Ride-sharing services are appearing in more cities, enabling seniors to control their schedules while supplementing retirement income. In many cities, school districts and community organizations are hiring part-time drivers for buses and deliveries. Many of these positions offer flexibility perfect for retirees.

Depending on the (pardon the pun) route you take to become a driver, a commercial drivers license (CDL) may be required.


For those looking to share their lifetime of experience, becoming a tutor can be a great part-time job for retirees. Tutoring comes in many forms. In this position, retirees can help both kids and adults overcome academic challenges, and aid with test preparation. There may be other positions available in education. Contact the local school district and ask about part-time positions for former educators.

Experience and formal education is a plus for this position, yet depending on the employer the requisites will vary. Tutors can work for families, as part of a larger organization, and anywhere between.

Tour Guide

For those interested in an active position interacting with the public, becoming a tour guide can be incredibly rewarding. More than just museums (amazing places to work) tour guides are found in park, wineries and breweries, local walking tours and more. Earn income, experience history, and stay active as a tour guide.

Tour guides are found across a number of industries performing a diverse variety of functions. Starting locally is perhaps the best way to find the right tour guide position for you.

Many opportunities for part-time employment are available for retirees. For many, there may the option of returning to a previous position as a part-time employee. Retirement is the beginning of an exciting part of life. Get the most from yours.

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