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Mary Kate Teske

HR Director, Bosak Auto

Mary Kate Teske

HR Director, Bosak Auto

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Choosing the right insurance benefits for the 375 employees she represents could have been a big, complicated decision. Luckily for Mary Kate, it couldn’t have been easier. 

How long have you been working with the Meyers Glaros Group?

Mary Kate: Well, I’ve been with the Meyers Glaros Group about three and a half years with Bosak, but my prior employer used them as well—and that was for almost five years. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got here and discovered Bosak Auto was already working with Meyers Glaros. Otherwise I was going to have to convince them to switch brokers because I didn’t want to work with anyone else. 

It sounds like they really made an impression on you. Why were you so insistent on continuing to work with them?

MK: The service is fantastic. And truthfully, I feel like a partner. It’s almost like we’re not two different companies but rather a single company working in unison. They don’t just sell you the plan or the policy; they’re there every step of the way.

So is it fair to assume you’ve worked with previous groups that offered, shall we way, “less than stellar” service? 

MK: Oh sure. We worked with one company for life insurance, and there were all these promises of “Oh, we’ll be at every new hire orientation”, and “We’ll meet with all the employees regularly,” and—

You never saw them again?

MK: Correct

Our job doesn’t end once you’ve signed on the dotted line; it’s just getting started. We believe in working closely and consistently with our clients to ensure you have every insight and resource to get the most out of your coverage. 

MK: You know, n

ot a week goes by that I don’t talk to Mindy [Siedentopf] or Matt [Glaros]

The relationship you’ve made with the Meyers Glaros team seems to be different than your average, more traditional broker-client relationship. 

MK: Oh yes. We’ve had lunches at their new facility. I’ll get calls from Matt saying “Hey, I found something that might benefit you and wanted to share it,” or we talk about kids, we talk about trips … I mean, it really does become more of a personal endeavor than just a business function. They’re not your typical insurance brokers. They’re always looking at the whole relationship and not just the sale.

Your job must involve making a lot of important decisions. Has teaming with Meyers Glaros affected that process?  

MK: Yes, and I think it’s because I trust them explicitly. We get to a point where we’ll ask ourselves, “Do we go left? Do we go right?” Then Matt will come forward and say, “If this were me, this is what I would do,” and probably 99% of the time that’s what we do. He’s so intelligent in this industry, and to top it off, he’s nice. He’s a really genuine guy. 

The most important part of making insurance easy is making it easy to work with us, and that starts with our team of intelligent, genuine individuals. Mary Kate’s got our back. Now let us get yours.