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When people feel happy and satisfied, they like to talk about it. And boy are we glad they do. Here are just a few stories of customers we've helped cover.

Leah Konrady

CEO, Konrady Plastics

Too often small businesses feel they must choose between comprehensive coverage and budget-friendly plans. Chief executive Leah was done compromising, and she knew exactly who to call.

Mary Kate Teske

HR Director, Bosak Auto

Choosing the right insurance benefits for the 375 employees she represents could have been a big, complicated decision. Luckily for Mary Kate, it couldn’t have been easier.

Chris T. Valavanis

Owner, Vanis Salon and Day Spa

Each of our clients’ paths to Meyers Glaros is unique. Some do research online, some consult their Chamber of Commerce, and some know a guy who knows a guy. For business owner Chris, however, it all started way back in kindergarten ...



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