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Leah Konrady

CEO, Konrady Plastics

Leah Konrady

CEO, Konrady Plastics

MG Testimonials Profile Leah d - Leah Konrady

Too often small businesses feel they must choose between comprehensive coverage and budget-friendly plans. Chief executive Leah was done compromising, and she knew exactly who to call.   

Could you tell us a little about your company and its insurance needs?

Leah: I work in our family business—a machining and distribution plastics company—and I recently stepped into the role of CEO. We were looking for a top-tier insurance plan for our employees that would also provide cost savings.

And how long have you been working with the Meyers Glaros Group?

Leah: Since about February.

So the partnership is still fairly new. How did you first hear about MG?

Leah: I previously worked with Meyers Glaros Group through my previous role as CEO of One Region. They were a pleasure to work with and helpful in finding the right insurance solutions for the nonprofit.  

When the game’s too important to lose, you can’t afford to have an inexperienced player on your team. With decades of industry insight at our disposal, we can deftly handle any problems that may arise. 

What was the initial process of working with the MG team like?

Leah: The process was great. I reached out to Matt Glaros and discussed our needs. They presented a new option for us. They’ve been very responsive, which has been above and beyond helpful. The Meyers Glaros team took care of everything for us from beginning to end. 

Given your partnership with them, would you recommend Meyers Glaros to friends and colleagues?

Leah: Absolutely. They’ve served as a full-service insurance broker, which made the process easier for our company’s management and employees.

You have enough on your plate as it is. With us on your team, you can unburden yourself of all the hassle associated with researching, choosing, and implementing insurance coverage. That’s just one of the ways we’re making insurance easier.